Verdicts & Settlements

Representative Verdicts & Settlements Greater than $250,000

$3,800,000 – failure to diagnose and properly treat bacterial endocarditis

$3,200,000 – verdict/settlement ob/gyn and nursing negligence involving birth of premature baby

$2,950,000 – failure to properly treat lupus

$2,700,000 – birth injury

$2,650,000 – failure to diagnose and treat a severe subarachnoid hemorrhage; death

$2,650,000 – failure to properly perform an intubation; death

$2,500,000 failure to diagnose and treat spinal subdural hematoma resulting in paraplegia

$2,400,000 – verdict; failure to diagnose lumbar herniated disc causing cauda equina syndrome

$1,650,000 – food poisoning; death

$1,475,000 – failure to properly perform anesthesia during oral surgery

$1,500,000 verdict – lack of informed consent and negligence in performing appendectomy

$1,070,000 – radiation overdose during cancer therapy

$1,025,000 – severe hemorrhage following catheter removal; death

$1,000,000 – failure to diagnose and properly treat compartment syndrome in young boy

$1,000,000 – failure to diagnose and timely treat acute myocardial infarctions; death

$800,000 – improperly performed hemilaminectomies

$750,000 – concussion; no loss of consciousness; traumatic brain injury – motor vehicle accident (uninsured motorist claim), obtained full policy limits

$740,000 – deliveryman’s fall through negligently maintained steps; shoulder injury

$703,000 arbitration award – motor vehicle accident/ankle and heel fracture

$700,000 – failure to diagnose pulmonary embolism; death

$600,000 – nursing home negligence; pressure ulcers; death

$575,000 – failure to diagnose pulmonary embolism; death

$550,000 – product liability – industrial vacuum explosion causing serious leg injury

$500,000 – failure to diagnose lung cancer; death

$500,000 – failure to properly perform laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia surgery

$500,000 – exposure to carcinogenic coke oven emissions; death

$441,619.72 verdict – herniated cervical disc surgery causing spinal cord trauma to man on social security disability

$400,000 – failure to properly perform a therapeutic/diagnostic paracentesis of patient on liver transplant list; death

$370,000 – failure to properly treat kidney stone resulting in loss of kidney

$341,000 – dram shop act – minor; death

$320,000 – verdict; failure to diagnose pulmonary embolism; death

$300,000 – failure to timely diagnose and properly treat abdominal aortic aneurysm; death

$290,000 – failure to diagnose left hip/pelvis fractures on x-ray

$280,000 – podiatry malpractice

$275,000 – transection of facial nerve during parotidectomy.

$275,000 – failing to properly perform kidney biopsy; death of elderly man

$267,500 – failure to properly perform sclerotherapy of facial/scalp varicose veins

$262,500 – failure to timely diagnose carcinoma of the colon; death

$210,000 – dog bite causing scarring

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