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Motor vehicle accidents are not always a simple case of proving fault between two drivers. Multiple drivers could be involved, making the fault of any one driver more difficult to prove. And other factors could play into the cause of the accident, such as improper vehicle maintenance, roadway defects, inadequate or improper road signage, pedestrian involvement, and others. It can be exceedingly difficult to prove or even be aware of some of these factors without the professional assistance of an experienced attorney.

The Melton Law Firm has decades of experience representing clients in motor vehicle accidents as an esteemed negotiator and trial lawyer. If you believe you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident that was not your fault, and you or a loved one had sustained physical, emotional, or financial injuries, then you need an attorney who will spend the time investigating your case so that they have a deep understanding of the facts and who know how to aggressively pursue recovery on your behalf.

It is important to contact an attorney with experience in motor vehicle accident cases as soon as possible. Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations allows you to file a claim only within a certain time frame. Call the Melton Law Firm to schedule a free initial consultation and a confidential discussion or toll-free.

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Motorcycle, Automobile and Tractor-Trailer Accidents in Pittsburgh

As a plaintiff’s attorney, we represent and obtain recoveries for victims of automobile accidents, truck accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, motorcycle crashes, roadway defects, and for pedestrians in motor vehicle accidents. We will educate automobile insurance adjusters about the subtleties of the sometimes unique orthopedic and neurological injuries caused in these high speed collisions, which may continue to affect our clients years later.

Our recovery includes damages for not only what you have suffered, but also what may be reasonably anticipated to occur in your future.

We will gather medical records, analyze police reports, investigate the scene of the accident thoroughly, and, if necessary, employ experts to provide testimony and analysis of your case.

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Contact the Melton Law Firm well before you lose the ability to file a claim due to the expiration of the two-year statute of limitations for automobile accidents. We are located near Pittsburgh and serve the surrounding areas including Beaver County, Cranberry Township, and Moon Township, Pennsylvania. Call or email today to schedule an appointment. Attorney fees and litigation expenses are paid only if we obtain a recovery for you.